The landscape of communication is changing more rapidly than ever.
As competition increases, new technologies emerge and expectations increase. Communicating value and demonstrating excellence has never been more important than it is today.

Custom communications is the art of understanding exactly what your target audience needs to know, and delivering it to them in a relevant and compelling way.

Marketing messages are received
by people—people with human
motivations and emotions. At REM,
we have a knack for creating
communications that appeal to
and engage the right people at the
right time, at the right place.
Connect. Engage. Motivate.

REM is a full-service custom communications company.
We work in a virtual environment, which means a higher
percentage of your costs go for creative—not overhead.
This gives our clients the best possible work at the
best possible price.
Smart, effective communications at a fair price.
The REM difference.

We have carefully cultivated a dynamic, talented network of creative
resources. Our ability to match the right creative assets to your project is
what sets us apart and drives bottom-line results.
You will be in the hands of a brilliant creative team that has experience with
some of the world’s most significant brands.
Hand-picked creative.

Custom media/publishing can mean a lot
of things—from magazines to Web sites, from B2B to B2C—any materials delivered
on any platform.
We specialize in telling your story to your target audience in a way that gets results. And everything we do will be unique to your company or organization; no templates or syndicated products.
Custom, as promised.

All media companies pride themselves on being clever. We think our clients deserve more. So
instead of just being clever, we choose to develop stunning creative aligned to our clients’
corporate personalities. Creative that drives results, and exceeds goals and expectations.
Creative beyond clever.

for general conversation,
inquiries about creating your own magazine,
talking content or design,
discussing your marketing needs,
or answers to why the bigger the navel,
the sweeter the orange
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